Why Are Curls Different?

A hair cut is a hair cut, right?

Not true with curls. Curls need to be handled in a completely different way than your standard hair services provide.

For example, a standard wet cut requires the stylist to comb or brush the hair. If you have any type of curls, this will stretch them out. It dissects the curl pattern and can leave an uneven mess. Many standard stylists will also thin or texture the curls. This only creates more frizz and can take months or even a year to fix!

Curls should never be brushed - wet or dry!

A dry cut leaves the hair in its natural state. No curls are alike, so this allows the stylist to see where the hair lays and how the curls spring up (or not). It will be cut by either a curl-by-curl technique or by a light lift of the curl in sections to achieve the best cut possible. 

When searching for the right stylist for you, be sure to ask a few questions:

  • Do they cut dry?
  • Do they comb or brush the hair?
  • Do they texturize or thin out curly hair?
  • Do they use standard shampoos with silicones and sulfates?
    Be sure they use proper curly girl approved products. While there are plenty of lines that cater to curls, many of them do a horrible job of helping to control frizz and provide the proper hydration that curls desperately need.
  • How many curly cuts do they do a week?
  • Does their website show pictures of their work? Are there plenty of pictures of curly hair?
    If not, proceed with caution - they likely do not have real curl experience and/or they're not passionate about their work, which could mean trouble for your hair.
  • How long do their cuts last?
    A good curly cut should easily last you on average 4-6 months!

We hope this information is useful in choosing the best cut and curl stylist that will make all your worries go away! 

You can trust us at Moisture Salon to give you the superior service and education you need to achieve your best curls!

Owner Ron Suriano always says to clients, "Your hair is a result of what you do to it, and what you put into it... So if you want to change your hair, you have to change those things."