Cuts are always with a Curl Stylist and last typically 4-6 months. Please be sure to come in with your hair dry since we only cut hair that way. If it is your first visit, check our What to Expect Guide. 

Ron is currently not accepting any new clients unless you are willing to wait for his first available, Brooke is very qualified to handle any new curlies. You can now book any cutting services with Brooke from our online Site. If you are an EXISTING client of Ron's you can't book with Brooke unless you have not been to the salon in over 2 years. 

  • Ron's Signature Curly Cut. 4 C's Cut & Style - This service includes an expert dry specifically for each ones curls. The 4 C's (Creative Custom Curly Cut)

  • Brookes Signature Curly Cut is a longer appt time.

  • cut followed by a wash and style.
    Existing Clients - 60 minute service........$115.00(Ron) $95.00 (Brooke)
    New Clients - 60 minute service........ $130.00 (Ron) $110.00 (Brooke)
    ”Coiled/Kinky” Hair(Ethnic Hair, 4b,4c curl type)Very thick and dense at root hair - 90 minute service........$ 145.00 (Ron) $135.00 (Brooke)

  • 4 C's Cut ONLY - This service is for those that need to get in and get out. Dry cut only, no styling or significant length cut included. Dusting of ends only. Please come with your hair the best it can be for such a cut. ONLY FOR THOSE WANTING THE ENDS CLEANED UP. NOT SUITABLE FOR ANYONE LOOKING FOR A LOT OF LENGTH OFF OR NEW STYLE.
    Existing Clients Only 4-6 Month Retouch -

         30 minute service..$95.00 (Ron)$85.00(Brooke)

  • Curly Set - Style only for those special occasions.
    Style Set - 30 minute service........$75.00

  • Deep Conditioning Treatment - Revive your damaged curls with one of these deep conditioning treatments.
    Deep Conditioning Treatment - 20 minute add on service........$25.00
    Deep Conditioning Treatment (without cut)……..$75.00

  • Olaplex Bond Multiplier Treatment - 60 minute service........$75.00

  • Color Process - Color is applied at the roots.

  • Root Touchup (4-6 weeks)........$75.00
    Root Touchup (7-9 weeks)........$85.00

  • Color Change - This service is for those that want to change their existing color to something else.
    All Over Color Change........$100.00 (price varies)

  • Goldwell Pure Pigments…(price varies)…$60.00

  • Pintura (Deva Curl Patented Technique) Curl Painting - This is a highlighting technique designed specifically for curly hair. No foils under unnatural heat are used. The curls are painted in their natural state and then lightened with heat from your own head. Partial or top head paintings are typically just on the top of the head or a light application throughout the head. The full head is highlights throughout the entire head. ONLY AVAILABLE WITH RON

  • Full Pintura…..$250.00

  • Pintura Full + New Client 4C’s Curly Cut…..$350.00

  • Pintura Full + 4C’s Curly Cut (Existing)…..$340.00

  • Pintura Full + Root Touch Up 4-6 Weeks (Existing)…..$325.00

  • Pintura Full + Coiled/Kinky 4’C’s Curly Cut (New & Existing)…..$390.00

  • Pintura 1/2 Lite…..$150.00

  • Pintura 1/2 Lite + 4’C’s Curly Cut (Existing)…..$245.00

  • Pintura 1/2 Lite + Root Touch Up 4-6 Weeks (New)…..$355.00

  • Pintura 1/2 Lite + Root Touch Up 4-6 Weeks (Existing)……$215.00

  • Children's 4’C’s Cut -Hair types can be from wavy to super coily, Each childs’ prices vary based on the age of the child, type of curl(Denseness of hair), and length of hair. Range from $75.00 (Ron) $65.00 (Brooke) and up..

  • Prices for the Coily kids range from $100.00-$125.00 depending on the stylist you choice. This price is all based on time needed for the childs curls pertaining to denseness and length.

  • Men's Curly Cuts - Prices range from $75.00 (Ron)$65.00 (Brooke) and up

  • Prom, Formal/ Wedding Sets - Prices Range from $85.00 and Up depending on the type of hair you are looking for




The products used and sold at Moisture Salon are designed to be used on all curl types and are completely interchangable. During your visit, we will create a mixture of products that will best suit your needs. 

Innsersense Organic Beauty Line Sold here

  • Trepadora-Organic, Vegan line from the UK that utilizes essential oils in their proper state…oxygen free packaging which prevents spoiling, and containers are UV protected.

  • Raw Curls - This fabulous organic line is a great way to moisturize your hair with totally natural products for smooth, frizz-free, and hydrated curls.

  • Innersense - Our newest organic line with a variety of products to choose from. I have written a blog for Innsersense Blog you have to check it out..

  • DevaCurl - The DevaCurl products give your hair superior moisture and hydration. The non-lathering cleanser will cleanse and hydrate your hair without stripping it of the natural moisture that curls so desperately need like traditional shampoos do. All DevaCurl products are 100% Sulfate, Silicon, and Paraben Free.