"Moisture Salon is THE ONLY place to go to get your curly hair cut properly in the Capital Region. Ron's dedication and passion to curly hair goes far unmatched to any other salon "claiming" to cut curly hair. I've tried plenty of other salons prior to finding Ron Suriano and Moisture Salon, and there is no other that compares. I love, love, love Ron and his salon! I actually leave with curly hair that looks amazing, and can do it myself at home so easily after Ron showed me how I should be styling my hair. I love my curls, and finally they love me back! I will not go anywhere else. Thank you Ron for all you do! Amazing!"
-Melissa S.

At my first appointment, I felt like I went to “Curly hair school”. It feels nice to get compliments on my hair. It’s absurd it took 43 years to find someone who knows how to do my hair. -Catherine K.

Since coming to Moisture Salon, my hair is so much better. If you use the right products and with the proper cut, you can’t go wrong. -Stacey T.

Since coming to Moisture Salon my hair looks so much healthier, not processed. It’s nice to have hair that is soft. In the past, the stylists would straighten my hair and fight the natural curl. I could feel and see the curl fighting trying to come through. Co-workers say, “I love your crazy hair”, even with being silver! -Dona F.

Prior to coming to Moisture Salon, I had triangle hair. I would switch stylists every few months, it was a nightmare. I feel so much more confident now. Most stylists don’t know how to cut curly hair. Go to someone who specializes in curly hair. -Angela T.

My hair looks awesome now! I always ended up with triangle head, always looked terrible before. Now it always looks amazing! -Lauren T.

The experience is incredible! I got to learn how to properly apply the product. I now have crazy definition, volume, and it doesn’t feel crunchy or sticky! -Fatima

First and foremost, after a year of coming to Moisture Salon, I get 4-5 compliments a day on my curls. My hair looks so much better and the condition has improved greatly. I’m not even afraid of rain anymore! My first visit was on a rainy day which was a true test. I was searching on there Deva site to travel to NYC when I luckily found Moisture Salon here locally!-Nabodita

The texture of my hair is completely different since coming to the salon. How I do my hair is completely different now. I feel great with how my hair looks and feels at my age.-Cheryl

"My daughter was bullied at school because her hair was 'poofy' and 'cotton candy' like. Ron changed her confidence and curls and she went into school so happy for once. Thank you for changing her life!!"
-Molly Z.

"Although I'm not a stranger to curly cuts, today was my first time meeting Ron. My cut today was absolutely far superior to the last few curly cuts I've had. Besides the great cut, Ron took the time to explain exactly how to get the same results at home. While I'm already familiar with the basics, Ron was able to show me where and how I could improve my styling technique. I have not found a stylist who was able to teach me something new about taking care of my curls since my first curly cut over two years ago, so this speaks volumes about his knowledge of curly hair. Absolutely, positively worth the hour and a half drive."
-Corrina M. 

"Ron is so educated in his work. This was the first time I left a salon confident that I can style my hair curly and never have to straighten it again! If you are considering going, stop and make an appointment, you will be amazed!"
-Michelle J.

"I have to admit, I was TERRIFIED to try someplace new. It has always been a disaster in the past. But I was so curious about Ron and Moisture Salon that I decided to give it a try - and I'm so glad I did! My hair came out beautiful, my first cut lasted over 6 months, and I actually can't wait to go back!"
-Jenna L. 

"Ron is the Curly Hair Angel, and next time I go for a cut, I will offer gifts at the alter, cause I tell you, it is a spiritual experience. I must tell you, I don't like salons, maybe because of all those years of bad hair cuts for a Wavy Woman like me. But Ron is a total game changer. His artistry is amazing, but his loving heart is just as good. I really enjoyed learning from him and shooting the s**t, which he does really well. I felt inspired to try some new ways to style my hair and am having great success with some new products. My hair has never looked this good curly. I will make this 2 and 1/2 hour drive again in 4 months or so to learn more, laugh more, and continue the journey. If you have wavy or curly hair, do yourself a favor and let this artists design your hair. This is by far the most fun I ever had in any salon. Thanks, Ron!"
-Melinda S. 

"If I could give this salon 10 stars, I would! I can't believe I've been trying to tame my hair for so many years when an hour with Ron completely changed my curls. I still can't believe this is MY hair. Thanks again and again, Ron."
-Amy L.

"Love that this man has taught me to easily LOVE my natural curly hair rather than hate it. I have fought with my curls my whole life and what made it worse was never having a hair stylist or even someone knowing how to cut my hair. All curly girls looking for someone who can work with your type of curl and show you your hair's natural beauty... go to Ron. No artificial processing - just moisture and skill. Love him!"
-Karen S. 

"Ron is a miracle worker! My hair was dry, frizzy,and unruly. He worked his magic and tamed my wild hair into beautiful calm tresses. Thank you so much!"
-Jenna P. 

"I never thought I could roll out of bed and just spritz my hair to bring my curls back to life. My beauty routine has been cut in half and I don't look "slept in." Thanks Ron, you're terrific. Can't wait to bring my daughter in next week for her curly cut!"
-Elizabeth L. 

"I am the person who always intends to write a review and never does, this is one time I must follow through! So...I admit I was petrified to get my hair cut..I had a traumatic experience a few years back, well I would say within 5 minutes I felt completely comfortable. The place itself is warm, inviting and immaculate! Ron is warm, genuine, knowledgeable and passionate. The one on one is great...I learned some great tricks and am so excited to once again embrace my curls...the cut was fantastic and yes, I bounced my hair everywhere today! Thank you Ron for restoring my faith. ..curly girls, get to Moisture....you won't be disappointed!"
-Donna B.

"Ron is amazing! I came in after seeing pictures on Facebook, and was not disappointed. He takes his time to make you feel comfortable. When you leave, you feel beautiful! There's never a "push" for products...you will genuinely want them when you see how great your hair looks! The best part? It's been almost a week since my appointment and my hair still looks great. The fact that I can recreate the look myself makes it all worthwhile!"
-Allie F. 

"I was so happy to 'stumble' upon the Moisture Salon during my lunch break some months ago. Finally a place for curly heads like mine! I quickly scheduled an appointment for that very same week and it was the best thing I could have ever done for my poor head of historically mistreated and misunderstood hair! The salon is first and foremost a beautiful, clean, and welcoming space. Ron is a true professional. I left feeling renewed and pampered after my service. My daughter saw him shortly after and left equally as pleased. I returned some months later for color and Ron is also a very skilled artist in that area. I have never felt that I have a stylist or salon of my own and have rarely ever gone to the same place more than once. Not any more! I have gotten so many compliments about my hair since going and now following Ron's care routine and product recommendations. The Moisture Salon is such an awesome addition to Schenectady and the Capital District! I cannot thank Ron enough! So simply put...I highly recommend!"
-Gabrielle R.

"Ron, you did an AWESOME job! I LOVE my hair now! Curly girls -- you MUST go see him! He takes the time to show you how to wash/dry/style your hair so you can do it on your own. He brings our curls back to life! Thank you Ron! You have a client forever!!"
-Holly A. 

"My first haircut with Ron was an all around fabulous experience. The salon is beautiful and Ron is warm and welcoming. His haircut was really tailored to my texture and type of hair, and it accentuates the curls beautifully. If you have curly or wavy hair, I would HIGHLY recommend him! He loves to share his expertise and you will leave the salon knowing exactly what to do to do make your curls work for you every day!!"
-Maeve G. 

"Ron is a hairapist! Takes his time explaining each step of the process on how to make your hair stay as fabulous as the first day! Overall wonderful experience he makes you love your hair."
-Sarah K. 

"I'm in love with my hair. I've never said that before. Thank you so much. I'll be back!"
-Jen G. 

"Hey Ron, you changed my life!!! I found a good use for my old conditioners...they make a great shaving gel!"
-Zoe B.

"I came on a recommendation and it has been so long since I have had such a good hair cut. It was amazing to see my natural wavy-curls come out and stay out! Love, love, LOVE!"
-Karoline C.

"Ron of Moisture Salon is the only person who understands my curls! He has done an amazing job at keeping them long and beautiful while giving me a wonderful cut. He's honest and looks at my hair uniquely. He doesn't just put me in a category of all girls with curly hair. I love Moisture Salon and will be going there as long as Ron is in business!!"
-Linda B.

"I have never left a salon happy because my haircuts were always meant for straight hair. This was the best experience I have ever had! I'm so happy with my curls again and the Deva products. Ron obviously loves what he does and I had fun. People were coming in to thank him! I won't go anywhere else now!"
-Damaris D. 

"What a fun and amazing experience! I was taught how to actually handle my little girl's curls! We went from a hassle and tears almost every morning to learning a technique and wonderful products that will take less time and definitely less tears! Ron is wonderful! Olivia loved her Curly Girl salon day!"
-Michelle V.

"Ron is a genius! He worked wonders, helped me understand what my hair needs, and now its fabulous as it should've been!! The salon is so sheek, excellent location no wait time just superb! If your second guessing - don't - he will not let you and your curls down!!"
-Cassandra T. 

"As a curly guy, I would like to commend Ron, who takes my fear out of getting a bad cut."
-Ronald H.

"Ron @ Moisture Salon....one word...AMAZING!!!!! Ron is beyond talented. Haircuts have always been traumatizing for me...year after year till I just stopped getting it cut. Then I spent time, researched everything and found Ron. I've never been more satisfied with everything! He really takes his time listening, explaining, and getting to know YOU!"
-Aimee R.

"Most amazing transformation! The dedication, attentiveness, and skill is unparalleled. After trying every cut under the sun, and every product ever made for curly hair, I FINALLY know how to take care of my hair properly. Ron takes the time to teach you how to care for your hair and style it properly. Can't say enough wonderful things about the whole experience. Curly girls look no further! :)"
-Sara W.

"Ron is an excellent teacher. His willingness to bring out the best for his clients' curly hair and for teaching other stylists at the Curly Hair Artistry Symposium in Detroit - his level of skill reveals a passionate professional Artist that impacts people with his knowledge and artistry. You are in good hands with Ron."
-Scott M.

"This man is truly a curl god. He had my hair go from dead to alive in 1 session. He not only helps you bring it back to life but shows you how to keep it alive and thriving on your own. He made me truly love my hair again. For that I'll always be grateful. ♥ you Ron"
-Brittany M.

"A great salon with a stylist passionate about his work. He spent a long time with me and explained step by step what he was doing so I could achieve the same results as home. Will certainly be booking again. Thank you."
-Mary Jane S.

"I cannot express how grateful I am to have found Ron - (Thanks Lady Di) When I went to Ron my hair was butchered, dry & unmanageable. After less than 1 week of using Deva products on my new haircut I can look at myself in the mirror & see a new me. Ron took the time to give me a stylish cut & showed me how to use the Deva Curl products. Everyone I see complements me on how beautiful & healthy my hair looks in its new natural state. Thank you again Ron for giving me back my curls & a fresh new look. Curly Girls this is the only place to go!"
-Cindy C.

"Ron is not only a great professional, he is so passionate about what he does, it cannot help but show through in his work. He has fabulous customer services and the curls...oh the curls!!!! Wait until you see what he can do for yours!!!! I absolutely recommend Ron and this salon to anyone who has curly hair!!!! The big bonus: he will also show you how you can manage your curls when you get home!!!! LOVE IT!!!!"
-Stephanie C.

"Ron is the only one I will allow to cut or style my hair. He cares for my locks as much as I do. He is like none other!"
-Jannelle R. 

"I can't believe how different my hair looks in one cut and with nothing but gel! Ron took the time, explained everything - it's really amazing! Thank you!"
-Valerie H. 

"You are truly a curl artist! You change people's lives, not just their hair! Never imagined I would actually receive compliments on my hair.....Where were you all my life??"
-Melissa A.