About Us & Our Philosophy

Moisture Salon opened their doors in May 2013. Moisture is not your average salon. We pride ourselves on our unique services that cannot be found anywhere else in the Capital District. What our Curl stylists provide is an art.

An exclusive curly hair salon, we cater to all kinds of curls, waves, and super curly hair.

Founded by Curl Expert/Deva Certified Curl Specialist, and International Curly Stylist and Educator Ron Suriano, Moisture Salon provides a one on one experience. Unlike other salons, you will never find yourself surrounded by several other clients and stylists at once. Without any distractions, we can truly focus on you. It is an experience that is personalized to your curl or wave.

A great cut is not our only goal. We want to provide you the education, so you can learn how to manage your curls properly on a daily basis. You will get the personal attention you need to learn how and what to use on your hair to ensure the best curls possible.

We strive to be the best and believe in continued education. Our curl stylist’s attend trainings, workshops, and conferences throughout the year to ensure innovation on the latest curl techniques & products. This allows us to continue to grow and be on the cutting edge in curly hair care to ensure that you have the best experience possible.

We only sell and use the best products out there for curly hair. We believe that natural is best. The more natural hydration you can provide your hair, the more your curls will thrive, and you can finally say "goodbye to frizz"!


Ron Suriano

Ron Suriano, owner and Curl Expert/Deva Certified Curl Specialist at Moisture Salon, had a lifelong dream of becoming a hair stylist, but he didn't pursue it right away. Originally educated with a culinary degree, Ron switched careers at 39 years old. He trained locally in upstate New York, then took his dream to New York City after graduating. He continued his training and assisted in some of the best salons in NYC, including Edris Salon, located in the meat packing district, where he trained with cutting edge coloring skills on super curly/multicultural hair. Ron left Edris Salon to work on the Upper East Side at Joseph Martin Salon. Unfortunately, they closed and  merged with Mizu Salon on Park Ave. Ron stayed with the new owners and enhanced his coloring technique knowledge under their tutelage. After that, he moved on to the salon that would end up being a career changer - Devachan in SoHo. It was here where he became truly passionate about hair - not just any hair - curly hair!

At Devachan, he trained in the curly girl method with the Curl by Curl technique. He continued his training in all aspects of curly hair and was lucky enough to observe the trade by the best stylists in the business. While at Devachan, he perfected the one-of-a-kind Pintura coloring technique for curly hair, as well as the Deva Curl Waterfall Cut.

It was also here where he learned what a dramatic difference the right products can make. Using the Deva products, he was able to see how creating healthy and well hydrated hair can not only improve the entire condition of your hair, it can also significantly cut the daily time needed to spend on your hair.

Ron became a member of a curl group in 2013 and in 2016 was named Educator of the Year with them and also is one of the Core Team. This international organization is composed of curly hair stylists from all over the world devoted to one goal - working to promote and educate curly people on how to manage and consistently have the best curly cut ever. Ron is also an Educator for Innersense Organic Beauty Products that can be purchased at the salon and also is part of the Artistic Team for Innersense. He teaches his own  cutting technique (4C's Cut-Custom Creative Curl Cut) and works with different products to achieve the best results for all kinds of waves, curly, and super curly hair.

In May of 2015, Ron received the first ever New York City Deva Curl Academy Certification. This certification was only available for advanced Deva Stylists to prove to the Education Division of Deva Curl that they could properly perform the required Deva Cuts (Classic Waterfall and Deva Bob) and the Pintura Highlighting Technique. Attending this Certification Class has allowed Ron to provide his clients with the best curly cut by Deva Curl standards. This endorsement as a Certified Curl Specialist from Deva Curl is just one example of Ron's ongoing efforts to maintain and continue to grow his knowledge for curls. 

Knowing how the upstate area was severely lacking in resources for natural curls, Ron decided to leave the city to bring what he had learned to the area. He is consistent in striving for strong customer service. He listens to his customers' needs and wishes to achieve that final result that will be both a proper curly cut and pleasing to the client. Ron uses the unique methods he learned, which are not standard in the rest of the industry, to achieve amazing results that are natural, flattering, and guaranteed to put a smile on your face!

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Newest Team Member

Brooke Irena


Brooke attended the Paul Mitchell Cosmetology School located around the corner from the salon. Before completing her hours required by the state she came in for a 4C's Cut by Ron. Ron immediately knew she needed to learn from him and started his team of curl stylists. After a year plus of being an apprentice Brooke's education and training was up to his cutting and styling standards so Ron offered her a chair. She is currently taking on new curl clients and is highly qualified. She learned both coloring and cutting techniques trained by Ron. Brooke is a dedicated team member and is a huge asset to Moisture Salon. Since her employment she has attended Color Classes offered by Goldwell Color Line and recently attended a Curly Hair Training Course summer of 2017. After  successfully showing her work on social media the founder decided to list Brooke as a member on the stylist finder next to Ron on the page listings. Brooke attended her first Symposium in Rockville Md, May 2018. Brooke continues to learn and become more educated on curls and business. 


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