For Your First Visit...

Everyone with curly hair knows how daunting it can be to go to a new place for the first time. You suddenly remember every traumatic haircut you've ever had, but no more! You can be sure that you and your hair are in the most capable hands curly hair can ask for, and your visit will be fun, informative, and sure to send you out with a smile on your face!

Prior to reading directions below, please understand the reason we ask to come in properly prepped. Our stylist’s cut curl by curl, it is imperative to see the curl in it’s natural state and the curl spring factor. We appreciate your cooperation.

Please, come in with your hair dry and in its natural state. Be sure it is detangled (not brushed!) and not pulled back or in a bun or Braided. It should be hanging loose so we can easily see your natural curl pattern to give you the best cut possible.

Please Please Please Please Read this.... 

Tell us what you're hoping to achieve with your hair and what your biggest obstacles are in your daily care. Once we assess the condition of your curls, we will begin the dry cut, curl by curl.

After your cut, we will move to the sink so you can experience the joys of either a great lather or no lather cleanse! We will show you step by step how you can achieve the same effect with your hair at home. You'll learn how to style, dry, and revive your curls each morning so you can recreate your new fabulous curls every day!

Expect to see instant results with your hair. While damaged curls can take a while to achieve their full potential, you can see results even after just one session with the proper products and care for your hair. 

We'll send you home not only with a great cut that's going to last you longer than a traditional cut, but also with all the knowledge you need to maintain healthy, hydrated curls that you will finally love!

Then for the second curly cut and ones after that with us you will show up at the salon with your hair completely styled. Not pulled back, etc. just like the first time.. the only difference is that you will have all the good hair products in your hair that was prescribed to you.. Use the styling products and clips.. Come with your hair the best so I can give you the best. 

NON Proper way to arrive to the appt. New or Existing Clients.

NON Proper way to arrive to the appt. New or Existing Clients.


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Cancellation Policy:  If you need to cancel any appointment, please give Moisture Salon 48 hours notice. I will have to charge you the full rate of your appointment if you are a "No Show" or cancel less than 48 hours before your scheduled appointment. If this happens, I will need to talk to you before any further appointments can be scheduled.